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mat puch mujh se mere sabar kii wasatain kahan tak hai sata kar dekh le zalim teri takat jahan tak hai sitamgar tujh se umeed kiran hogi jinhain hogi

When girls ignore exterior objects and develops foresight and vivid attitude by means of power of knowledge, she becomes service provider of wealths of skies and earth. Then she must marry an qualified husband.

five. for your question about niyoga, the follow can be utilized with the consent of husband only. If husband permits plus the pair are intensely desirous of begetting a youngster, then the wife can technique another man for his sperms.

tughey bhool jane ki kooshashein kabhi kamyab na ho sakkein.Teri yaad shakh-e-ghulab thahri jo hawa chali tu lachak gaye By haseeb jalal

Hum woh nahi jo tum ko ghum most important shor dain, hum woh nahi jo tum se nata shor dain , hum woh hain, ke ager teri sanse ruk jae,to tuj se apni sanse jorh dain.

woh aj bhi hamey dekh ker muskratey hai woh aj bhi hamey dekh ker muskratey hai woh aj bhi hamey dekh ker muskratey hai woh tu un important bachey Hello kameney hai ...

jab dekha unhone tirchi nighaho se tab ham madhosh ho gayee,,,,, par jab pata chala ki nazre Hello tedi hai to ham behosh ho gaye.

In Fashionable time resulting from high resolution gizmos and bigger shows Small fonts are in trend. So when you surf websites like Google, Microsoft, Apple and so on it evident to face nominal fonts within their website. Clear fonts doesn't have added decoration or add-ons inside their design.

Ae product, kesa hae? Tera bot memory aa rela tha. Ita tem ho gela hai tere ko dekha bhi ni. Akha life mei tere jesa 1 item mila apnko, mis to karega.

My sons are destroyers of my enemies; my daughter is usually a queen; And that i am victorious. My and my husband’s love has a broad standing.

Bewafa sanam se to cigarette achi hai, Bewafa sanam se to cigarette achi hai, Dil jalati hai, par hoto se to lagti hai By kami4u

Ek ladki ne apne boyfriend Ek ladki ne apne boyfriend se kha me maa banne wali hoo boyfriend bola mane tuje chuha be nahi aur tum maa banne wali hai ladki boli kal me tere baap se shadki kar rahi hoo.karan Har kali tujse khushbu u

What are you speaking Hindu brother? You're thinking that that these will learn? You'll find numerous species of beast. Only 1 is chief – Lion. Why can’t a jackal convert into lion? You will find two jackals like Hyder and Samuel (Besides thousand Other folks). Let all of these vacation on Mistaken route click here and go to hell. We belong to only sect that is true faith of peace. (Researchers & historians ended up shocked when they discovered that only one nation which never invaded almost every other nation in past ten,000 years is India.

Khush to bahot hoge tum,Ki forward karne ke liye SMS mil gaya,Magar aab kya karoge...?Jab msg me kuch bhi nahi mila...?Ha ha ha ha

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